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About Us

The Beginning 

allay Towels began in the summer of 2019. At the time, devastating fires were screaming through the Australian bush, wiping out lives, homes and loves.
This was certainly an emotional time for everyone watching Australia burn and waking up to the smell of smoke inside the house and ash falling from the sky was seared into my mind.

I found myself incredibly inspired by the resilience of the victims throughout the restoration efforts that ensued. allay Towels, inevitably had to became a platform in which I could contribute to the restoration efforts from afar, whilst also celebrating Australia and its great outdoors.

I started designing The First Sand Free Beach Towel - The Golden Wattle Towel. Looking no further for inspiration than the iconic Australian tree. The Golden Wattle towel is made with a extremely versatile thread making it ideal for the beach, hiking, travelling or even yoga, suited perfectly for enjoying the variety of country existing within Australia.

Now, to help contribute to the restoration efforts happening around Australia in the wake of the bush fires, I began The allay Forest. The allay Forest would consist of a native Australian tree planted for every item sold. These trees would be planted in regions of Australia that were most effected by the bushfires; South Coast NSW, Victoria, and Kangaroo Island. 
Today The allay Forest is well underway and continues to grow with your help!

Our Goal 

2 goals in fact:
  1. To celebrate Australia through our designs and encourage our community to enjoy the great Australian outdoors;
    allay Towels are really, so versatile and convenient with so many uses; you truly have to try one out for yourself!

  2. Have 1000 trees planted in the allay Forest by the year 2022. That's 1000 Native Australian trees planted in the Australian Bushland by 2022!!


Throughout the continual development of allay Towels, its begun to embody the values of Australia and its culture for having a go and supporting one another. This has ultimately led to allay Towels celebrating Australia through authentic designs and collaborations.

I am absolutely loving meeting new collaborators, sharing ideas and designs! Contact Us if you might be interested in a collaboration?